This is a game made for the Global Game Jam 2020 in Bogotá Colombia

You, pilot and fixer, have to survive as long as you can flying through the enemy lines.

The Pilot must avoid or take down the enemies using W and S, meanwhile the fixer has to repair the damages in 3 parts of the airplane: the wings, the motor/gun and the tail using the click

This game has affected by the current weather in Bogota, so if we have rain you must be able to see it in-game.


Camilo Molina

Nicolás Calle

Felipe Andrade

Daniel Sanchez

Special Thanks to Audio guys:
Zafire Dragoon
Alejandro Espinosa
Quiet Gecko: Juan García


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This game is really cool! I played this alone (it was a little chaotic) but really appreciate the two player focus.I'm going to try this with two players later but I think this is a neat project that is pretty easy to pickup and play. The only bit I wasn't totally confident in was as player two if I had to click the repair icon or the part of the plane it was relating two, neither seemed 100% reliable but overall it's a clever project!


Thank you so much for playing our game, it really warms our heart.
We think the same, we need to improve the feedback about those parts, maybe we can make it glow(?).
Again, thank you for playing and give us your experience <3